Handmade, Reclaimed Wood Home Audio Systems by Salvage Audio

Jared makes his music boxes and desk-top audio systems out of reclaimed wood salvaged from the remains of old fences, dismembered barns and home remodeling projects from his local, San Luis Obispo area. Each limited-edition piece is handmade and numbered. Units like those pictured above feature wireless Bluetooth capability. These powered speakers will play your music wirelessly via Bluetooth or accept music from external sources through an aux input. Plug in your iPhone, iPod, or any music player with a headphone jack and the included 3.5mm cable or sit back and control your music remotely via Bluetooth.
These eco-friendly home audio systems combine great audio components with rustic wooden elements to create something both new, and old – with the wooden components retaining the character and history of their former lives. Music systems generally range in price from $199 to $499 depending on style, size and materials.

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