Real Tree Trunk Turntable

At CreativeSpotting, we love vinyls and we love turntables and when we see these turntables made from real tree trunks, we simply fall in love with them! These turntables are made by Kent Walter and his father from Silvan Audio Workshop. They are turning turntable hardware and black walnut wood into rustic record players, shaped and finished by hand. They recently started selling the products and raising money for workshop upgrades through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. They’re sending turntables to supporters who offer $750 pledges.

The heart of each turntable is components from the legendary English audio wizards at Rega, who have made their reputation as leaders in high end, elegant, incredible sounding audio gear. The glass platter shows off the beautiful wood, but it’s also heavy for speed stability and made for precision. The tonearm is a result of masterful engineering, designed to move your music all the way to your speakers just the way it was intended to be heard. The belt drive system is made with precision to deliver low vibration, low noise, and highly accurate speed.

Real Tree Trunk Turntable Design

Real Tree Trunk Turntable Design
Real Tree Trunk Turntable Design

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