10pcs/Set Silicone Heat Resistant Kitchen Cooking Utens…

Heat-resistant silicone won’t melt. Remember that age-old idiom, ‘a watched pot doesn’t boil’? 

With this premium silicone cooking utensil set , you can put the pot up, give things a good mix and simply let it all cook while you focus on other things. And don’t worry about leaving your spatula or soup ladel in the pot – they’re all heat-resistant up to 480°F! 

This is particularly convenient when preparing hot sauces or other dishes that need frequent mixing. Simply leave the mixing spoon in the pot on the stove, without any fear of melted plastic in your food. 

Another nicety: The utensils can flex to get everything out of pot and pan corners.

Premium cooking utensils for the pro chef, the home cook , the kitchen novice & Baking utensils
Spoonula, brush, whisk, large and small spatula, ladle, slotted turner and spoon, tongs, pasta fork, perfect for all types of foods and cooking
Features high heat resistance: Cooking utensils won’t melt or chip at up to 480°F
Product features: environmentally friendly, nontoxic, non-stick, durable, safe, easy to clean
Package: 1 x Cooking Utensil(10pcs)

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